Your digital companion for detecting misinformation is now available for testing 🎉

You can now head over to to sign up for the first public #EUNOMIA pilot!


@Eunomia Thanks you very much for working on this HUGE issue, i would also like to introduce you to this collective :

They do a lot of the journalist side of work regarding misinformation and bias. Their data included in Eunomia companion would be a great addition i believe.

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@neudre @Eunomia If we can no do twice the same job. :) I'm affraid mediabiasfactcheck team doesn't have a proper API. But they do have a chrome extension so we could try to retro-engineer it :

@neudre @Eunomia I think i did find, the JSON is automatically updated : Probably that the RAW file can be used :

Figuring out the code will most probably be fairly easy.

@neudre @Eunomia

b = Bias status (left - right)
d = Domain URL
f = Alternative Domain URL but not sure.
n = Textual name of the website
r = Factual Reporting (Sourced - fake)
t = Seems similar purpose as f...
u = Medias Bias Fact Check website page url
P = Bias score (left - right) if low = right and if high = left.
C = Credibility
a = Traffic

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