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Week Calendar Widget Pro (📱)

A great little weeklong calendar widget for your week at a glance; recommended; avg 4/5 stars (150+ ratings); $1.99 ↘️ free!


The Great Photo App (📱)

An interactive app that trains you to make the most of your iPhone’s camera and improve your photography skills; avg 4/5 stars (660+ ratings); $2.99 ↘️ free!


Star Rover - Stargazing Guide (📱)

See the stars above in real-time AR mode based on your exact location or a location of your choice. This on sale along with the HD iPad version; recommended; avg 4.5/5 stars (740+ ratings); $1.99 ↘️ free!


LeechTunes (📱)

Integrated with your Apple Music library, an alternative custom skin and UI for a better music experience; avg 4/5 stars (450+ ratings); $2.99 ↘️ free!


Translate-Smart Translator! (📱)

Translate by text or speech between 40 different languages; $8.99 ↘️ free!


Tozzle (📱)

A digital jigsaw puzzle designed for kids to develop shape recognition, motor skills, & more; avg 4/5 stars (2,500+ ratings); 20% off, $4.99 ↘️ $3.99!


AppGraphics - App Icon and Screenshot Generator (💻)

Easily create gradient icons and generate all the App Store assets your app needs; avg 4.5/5 stars; $4.99 ↘️ free!


World War Z (Unrated Cut) (📺)

A film in which a former UN employee traverses the world to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

Recommended. Starring Brad Pitt; 🍅 66% ⭐️ 7.0; 67% off, $14.99 ↘️ $4.99!


The Omega Man (📺)

A film in which a lone survivor struggles to create a cure for the plague that wiped out most of the human race while fighting The Family.

Starring Charlton Heston; 🍅 63% ⭐️ 6.5; 67% off, $14.99 ↘️ $4.99!


Calcvier - Keyboard Calculator (📱)

A combination keyboard and calculator so you can perform calculations everywhere on your phone; avg 4/5 stars; $0.99 ↘️ free!


SkySafari 6 Plus (📱)

Powerful app for the amateur and aspiring astronomer, complete with AR mode and astrological database; recommended; avg 4.5/5 stars (1,200+ ratings); 33% off, $14.99 ↘️ $9.99!


PPoI - Your Points of Interest (📱)

Create your own personal database of points of interest added based on your own GPS additions; avg 5/5 stars (220+ ratings); $0.99 ↘️ free!


Speech Recogniser (📱)

Transcribe your speech into text in over 40 languages; avg 4/5 stars (720+ ratings); $8.99 ↘️ free!


Textograph Pro + Poster Maker (📱)

An app to easily place text on top of your photos and images, Greta for social sharing; avg 4/5 stars; $2.99 ↘️ free!


Neon Chrome (📱)

An infinite twin-stick top-down shooter with procedurally generated levels; avg 5/5 stars (520+ ratings); 86% off, $6.99 ↘️ $0.99!


European War 6: 1804 (📱)

Build up your military and engage in battles based on real events in Europe in the 1800s; avg 4/5 stars (740+ ratings); $0.99 ↘️ free!


Just Calendar (💻)

A simple calendar widget that lives in your notification area; recommended; avg 4/5 stars; $0.99 ↘️ free!


SkySafari 6 Plus (💻)

A powerful app for the aspiring astronomer in you, with telescope control and a full database of astrological objects; avg 4.5/5 stars; 33% off, $29.99 ↘️ $19.99!


Image Crop - Batch Crop Photos (💻)

Easily batch crop your photos and images to set ratios, defined pixel areas, & more; avg 4/5 stars; 75% off, $3.99 ↘️ $0.99!


SyncSettings (💻)

Backup and sync the preferences and settings of your Mac, including 3rd party app settings; avg /5 stars; 78% off, $8.99 ↘️ $1.99!


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