New release available (v3.9.5.4).

This release include the new Nginx package with TLS v1.3 support and fixes for several issues related to letsencrypt and netdata.

first stable release is available !

- Nginx v1.16.0 with Brotli
- WordOps dashboard with
- Let's Encrypt stack with (link:
- Ubuntu 19.04 & Raspbian 9 support
- Easy Migration from v3

New stable release (v1.16.0) already available in !

Dashboard integration : done ✅
Now We just have to fix the last few issues with Let's Encrypt stack before publishing the first WordOps stable release !

Build the new dashboard : done ✅
Integration in WordOps : In progress

Based on Argon dashboard template and powered with monitoring suite.

The first part of our guide "Migration from EasyEngine" is available in documentation :

Update your server packages in a single command. Already available in

You can now visualize our progression on next releases with Github projects :…

It replace the previous Roadmap. est une instance stable, régulièrement mise à jour et accessible à tous hébergée par VirtuBox