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Become a Backend Developer in 6 months.

Follow this step-by-step guide 🧵


Comment la nouvelle fonctionnalité par défaut de Mozilla "Total Cookie Protection" et l’extension Firefox Multi-Account Containers fonctionnent ensemble.👇

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37 YEARS AGO: In Aug 1985 I launched the Amstrad CPC6128 – the follow up to our first home computers the CPC464 and CPC664. For the full story see retromobe.com/2015/08/amstrad-

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Let's be honest, CSS can be pretty difficult.

I had a hard time learning it, but there are a few resources that can definitely help you to understand the style language of the web.

Here is a collection of my favorite ones:

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This tweet and the conversation below are based on two flawed assumptions: that it is impossible to build performant UIs using HTML/CSS and that there are better UI toolkits than HTML/CSS. Let me explain why neither is true. 🧵 twitter.com/rsms/status/154328

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Learn Web Development for free:

YouTube :
- Web Dev Simplified
- JavaScript Mastery
- Traversy Media

Website :
- freeCodeCamp
- Codecademy
- SoloLearn

Notes :
- W3Schools
- MDN Web Docs
- GeeksforGeeks

Practice :
-Frontend Mentor
- TestDome
- Start Creating Projects

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Le temps est précieux quand on est développeur.
Je vous partage donc 7 outils pour vous simplifier la vie ⏬


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