qmail is a satisfactory MTA if you're willing to do away with some modern comforts like using Milters, and IPv6 and TLS outbound, and a few other things. Being able to have these modern comforts is a high priority of the single developer of Nightmare Mail (that's us).

help me dx reachability issues maybe 

chatspeed.net is inconsistently reachable.

I want:
• the output of both ipv4 and ipv6 traceroute to chatspeed.net, ns1.chatspeed.net, ns2.chatspeed.net, ns3.chatspeed.net, ns4.chatspeed.net, ns5.chatspeed.net
• to know if you'd trouble reaching any of those hosts
• to know if you can successfully download chatspeed.net/index.html over HTTPS (if you use cURL, also `time` the cURL invokation)

as I hinted in the previous post, the project is a republic, it's landless (as the republican commission cannot, by its laws (as our provisional constitution requires active decolonization should a commission come into possession of colonialized land) or by the laws of regrettably superior authorities, establish effectively allodial control over an area), and is currently autocratic for want of population.

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* I could do a whole lecture on the political structure of the micronational project I am engaging in. What the US or Australia may call a state, we call a commission, except that the top-level is also a commission (variously the National or republican commission). A commission may or may not have any land (this is related to the exigences of life as a micronation, as well as the diverse remit of commissions) and exists at the pleasure of its parent commission until it adopts a basic law.

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to clarify, I'm a micronationalist and I don't want to get into trouble if we recognise our own system of nobility (either directly, or through projects which I authorize to fly our name*).

It's very likely that I will write a secretarial statute (a form of autocratic decree) on the matter, probably as part of an essay in the national gazette entitled something like "On nobility, thegnages, peerages, and the 2nd estate."

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Is self-styled nobility inherently fraudulent?

I mean this primarily as a question of law in countries that retain a nobility system, not as a question of fact.

health deleterious (phys, ment) + bizarre 

got a bloody mouth while brushing my teeth

then brain did a bad by conflation to something my body doesn't do

Telegram client developers: I call on you to allow people to disable their contacts from changing the chat-specific theme. The ability of contacts to do this is a serious health and safety concern for customers who have sensory problems or epilepsy.

food, out of context 

I also added cream at service for myself

I can have carbs sometimes

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food, out of context 

The final recipe for the yolo soup was 4 chicken drumsticks, lentils, oats, browned-off sliced carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, browned-off onions, crushed tomato, a glug of blackstrap molasses/treacle, a bit of flaked red pepper for spicing, and oodles of salt (I added a lot and it wasn't enough, so i added more at service), all covered with water and pressure cooked at ca. 12lb/in² over ambient for 90 minutes discontinuously, and black pepper at service.

a warning to cis men and other people who identify as not experiencing periods ever in their lives downloading nonFOSS period apps:

don't input any real data about how you feel

if you do, you risk two things:

1. if you're intersex and don't yet know that, you might find that out at a time when you aren't ready to know that.
2. the company now knows when you have your period, if you have one

confessing that I think I am manipulative 

fyi: a dark empath is someone who is highly empathetic but is also extremely manipulative

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Français hésitant 

j'pense que j'suis un empathe sombre

If there are any Texas employment attorneys with experience in tax law reading this post, please contact @AmmySoftfur@twitter.com (t.me/lycanphoenix). Shi stuffed something up at hir job recently involving sales tax.

Not an attorney in the state of Texas? Reblog for visibility.

Non-passing trans woman self-portrait, "hot-or-not" poll 

Please bring attention to this with the reblog button if your follower base is good with trans people

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Non-passing trans woman self-portrait, "hot-or-not" poll 

So, am I hot with a beard?

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Non-passing trans woman self-portrait, "hot-or-not" poll 

First seen on Twitter because I have no soul:

Here's an SFW picture of me, with wet hair, head tipped leftwards (rightwards in shot) with like two to three weeks of beard hair. I have since cut it off and currently keep my facial hair shaven right to the skin.

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