Queers and antifascists need to get good at intelligence tradecraft - and fast. Pride parades will become the target for queerphobic violence, and police forces won't help us.

ok but some people are tired of voting, who aren't privileged, and who aren't stupid.

QT: @layneashley222@twitter.com nitter.fdn.fr/layneashley222/s (“I’m tired of voting.” Translation: “I’m privileged and stupid as hell and it doesn’t affect me personally if republicans are in control and I don’t care about the people who will actually suffer.”)

host your own mirror of the source code if using an AGPLed platform that you got from Github for your activitypub exploits! The last thing you want is someone with an IPv6-only computer system being able to use your instance and not being able to download your source code.

the fact is, mastodon should not be served over IPv6 if the git mirror used is github, because github does not support ipv6

if the internet had been around in the '30s and the third reich was connected to it, i wonder if talking to ordinary civilians then would be like talking to russian ordinary civilians now - where they internally oppose this (assuming they knew, as having an internet like that would make it hard to hide the atrocities), but they've been co-opted to some mildly supporting role on pain of poverty, rejection from society, or worse


Not seeing any protests over this one. Not seeing any Yemen flags in anyone's bio. Maybe killing a bunch of children isn't such a big deal when it's our allies and our weapons doing the killing? It's a mystery, truly.


18-core, 2.3GHz Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3 - SR1XK, 14-core, 2.6GHz Intel Xeon E5-2697 V3 - SR1XF, or 10-core, 3.1GHz Intel Xeon E5-2687W V3 - SR1Y6? All have a DDR4-2133 controller.

I currently drive an 8-core, 2.6GHz Intel Xeon E5-2640 V3, with DDR4-1866.

mh neg, species dysphoria 

I want to play fetch with my Mistress..

lgbt meta 

... is it true that some lesbian trans women realize they are lesbian before realizing they are trans? ... and wouldn't that be super confusing?

LB: It's also worth pointing out that abled strangers ignorance about such things leads to not just bad manners but can be really dangerous for disabled people.

In cultures that believe people are likely to "pretend" to be disabled to get the riches and privileges we're incorrectly assumed to receive, a lot of disabled people are wrongly reported (snitched on) to the relevant agency and can as a result lose money and access to services that we need in order to live.

As usual reminder to not look at proprietary code even if it's in a source code leak or decompilation if you don't want to taint yourself.


your irregular but none the less important reminder to put descriptions on media you post in order to make the internet more accessible! descriptions don’t just help blind users, but it can help other users both with other disabilities or with bad internet (seeing the description if an image can’t load). describing media is Very Important in order to make the internet an accessible place, if you believe that people should be able to access the web without restrictions, you should believe in and take part in removing those restrictions, one of which is a lack of descriptions on media.

so this tech discord guild i am in seems to have transphobia topical to the ukraine disaster..

would I notice the 300MHz loss, or would I notice a 300MHz gain.. or would I notice having more cores? SR1Y7 has 300MHz more base clock than '1XN/'1XF/'205 and 600MHz more than 1XK, but it has only 10 cores (vs 12 for '1XN, 14 for '1XF, and 18 for '1XK, vs 8 for '205).

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Help me choose a CPU: SR1XK, with more cores than SR1XN, or SR1XN, with less cores than '1XK, but more than my current SR205 and with the same clock speed as the SR205 (higher than '1XK), or SR1Y7 with a higher clock speed than either but only 10 cores (2 more than SR205)? As a light desktop user who plays FlightGear Flight Simulator which is sensitive to CPU scheduling, but seems to be GPU-bound on my system... and likes doing highly parallel (-j$i where i ≥ 10) compiles, [1/2]


a lot of people walking around don't know the difference between capitalism and communism, and an even higher number of people don't know that communism and liberalism are two different sets of beliefs with discrete origins from one another.

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