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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

Want to stream audio when streaming a window with Discord
on Linux? Install Soundux (GPLed, flatpaked, pipewire direct support). Run Discord (“voice and video” tab or active stream) and your app. Select Discord as "Output application", and your app for "pass through". Then Soundux mixed the microphone sound with the sound you want to stream.

Introducing “This Week in GNOME”

“When a week has passed, an editor will create a new summary: this is a list of all the pieces people have been reporting since the last summary. To issue it, an editors runs the "!render-file" command in the administration room.”

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You want to know what happens in #GNOME?

Weekly updates are now available here:
👉 thisweek.gnome.org

“This has been a long-standing limitation of the X11 session; unfortunately, these menus [certain right-click] cannot be captured on X11. On Wayland this is not a problem as GNOME Shell handles all input itself, so windows cannot block its hotkeys.”


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This is from the co-creator of Dogecoin (thread)

RT @ummjackson@twitter.com

After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built primarily to amplify the wealth of its proponents through a combination of tax avoidance, diminished regulatory oversight and artificially enforced scarcity. twitter.com/ummjackson/status/

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Like #RSS? Know #CSS? I created a tool to generate RSS feeds from arbitrary websites using CSS selectors.
And it's called... Feed me up, Scotty!


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Half the fun of #GUADEC is hanging out with #GNOME community members so don't forget to join our social events!

We've planned remote events for each conference day, learn more about what's on the schedule here: events.gnome.org/event/9/page/

Remember to register while you're on the website: events.gnome.org/event/9/regis

#GUADEC2021 #conference #opensource #community

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Salut tout le monde :-)

On ne va pas vous embêter longtemps, mais on a un budget à boucler, vous pourriez nous aider ? O:-)


Voilà pourquoi c'est utile :

How to have the virtual camera with (flatpaked) OBS Project on Fedora 34:
dnf copr enable sentry/v4l2loopback
dnf install v4l2loopback-dkms

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Any and all answers are greatly appreciated. No judgement whatsoever. Asking this for research on a WIP article:

Do you #selfhost :flan_hacker: ? If so:

- What do you host yourself?
- Do you use an existing toolchain (Ansible/Puppet scripts, Yunohost, etc)?
- Do you run it bare metal, virtualized or containerized? Which one?

Boosts appreciated :flan_balloon:

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This summer I'm implementing the cool new screenshot UI in GNOME Shell. Here's my blog post about what I've done so far: imolodetskikh.wordpress.com/20

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Congratulations to our newly elected board members, Thibault Martin, Alberto Ruiz, and Philip Chimento!
They will be joining continuing members, Robert McQueen, Regina Nkemchor Adejo, Felipe Borges, and Ekaterina Gerasimova in the next term.

#opensource #FOSS

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It used to be that when you read a newspaper, the newspaper did not also read you. When you watched TV, your TV did not also watch you…

Today when you read theguardian.com, over two dozen organisations whose trackers are embedded on the site also read you. When you watch YouTube, YouTube also watches you.

This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, it’s simply the business model of mainstream technology. I call this business model people farming.


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The new gtk-rs release is out! New bindings for GTK4 and a lot of other great improvements. More information here: gtk-rs.org/blog/2021/06/22/new

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Part 3 of my series on how GNOME development works is out now. This time: How to get things you want.


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