I'm now noticing has been used by the bitcoin crowd. Whatever, sucks to be them, it'll be recycled for something more useful.


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youtube.com/watch?v=rQhzEnWCgH To me the price talk is just an argument for never leaving my home, maybe I'm just a . are too expensive and so are good (although 2nd-hand refurbs seem decent...). Just get everything delivered and never leave again, I guess.

But anyway, the point is that it has a much lower cost of ownership than cars and is practical in cities (particularly with proper infrastructure) which is true.

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New policy: if you're talking about measures to fight global warming without talking about oil companies or billionaires flying all over the place in their jets, your advice is garbage and you should be ridiculed into silence.

I came across this interesting article (libreboot.org/news/policy.html) by the project about or regarding the shortcomings of the as well as the and the uses of CPU .

Modern hardware is broken and unfortunately tradeoffs are needed, but also those criteria misunderstand a number of evolving technical details.

is a pretty neat way to do .

Just some waxed cord, some and some nice cable runs as a result.

A few examples I like are attached.

Some of them are sourced from r/Cableporn for the .

youtube.com/watch?v=-IP3bn8tvQ When a is a nicer sight than the wasteland school of urban development.

It's both amusing and sad.

(Yes I'm mostly commenting on a short timestamp, the rest of the video is just neat nerdy stuff.)

Is there a way to get all the (Image) content via requests from a given actor's outbox that doesn't involve enumerating the actor's entire outbox?

I'm looking to do it via the public access as I don't want to have to bind the output to any given implementation's API.

Boiling is generally a sign you don't know how to cook, with a few exceptions including but not limited to hard roots & starches.

The vast majority are far more palatable steamed or wok-fried than boiled.

Canned vegetables, with a few exceptions, suffer from the canning process and the result will always be subpar.

Frozen vegetables should be thawed prior to cooking for best results.

So, with that mess with in , I wonder if that might finally kill the Rogers/Shaw merger that everyone sane considered to be a horrible idea constraining the resilience/redundancy even more in .

The state of in is just sad.

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Live CBC interview abruptly ended by Rogers' lawyer when VP was asked about the monopolisation of telecommunications in Canada and the pending merger with Shaw

This was Friday during the Canada-wide Rogers mobile and internet outage

#Canada #Rogers #Telecom #Oligopoly

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N'oubliez pas que #microsoft blacklist les serveurs SMTP sans motif et quand vous demandez la raison, "raison confidentiel..." , Quand est-ce que l'Union Européenne va sanctionné ce GAFAM pour concurrence déloyale ?

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Can free software/open source/hacky software projects stop using fucking discord as
1. Their primary community
2. Their main support network
3. Documentation

Its genuinely madness the mental gymnastics that community maintainers must have to go through to contribute to open software and then allow this proprietary dogshit to monopolize their communities communication, support and documentation.

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We tried to communicate w/ #GitHub re: #Copilot; they have outright refused to answer community questions on Copilot & took it for-profit. Copilot ignores copyleft requirements; so it's time to #GiveUpGitHub GiveUpGitHub.org

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Now is a very good time to support end to end encryption.

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@straw Worst season.

Excessively hot, cancerous UV rays, people being careless, people being loud, people forgetting that courtesy and respect exist, bright too early, dark too late, sweaty, can't sleep, can't eat, headaches...

How anyone can like summer is a mystery to me.

Déprimant - Fatalisme - Politique 

Dans le genre chansons déprimantes qui relatent des problèmes pour lesquels absolument rien n'a été fait et que la catastrophe ne fait que se rapprocher, je nomine "Plus Rien" du groupe "Les Cowboys Fringants". (genius.com/Les-cowboys-fringan)

L'on se précipite tous gaiement vers le vide, l'abîme, pour le profit de quelques parasites corporatistes mégalomaniaques.

Non mais sérieusement, pourquoi rien n'a-t-il été fait?

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Did you know that 's government site supports proper like to share their announcements and news?


I certainly prefer this to having to monitor their various news pages manually or use a TV (which I do not own.)

Amusing mention of in the .

I do notice however that they actively did try to list options for and . The linked listing needs some love though.

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