Still stuck in gnome. All this mouse-work to select my focus window is really annoying. Three monitors are FAR less useful when you have to traverse that real-estate manually. All this for some "stability" as I set up my new #Guix OS. Missing #exwm


@worldsendless While not quite the same, Guix System does support StumpWM and i3-wm.

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@lispi314 I mean, it supports exwm too. I just haven't configured it yet. I was busy getting emails, passwords, and all the other stuff, so that now I can just be annoyed instead of actually stopped

@worldsendless I was assuming you'd found it to be buggy or otherwise broken due to some Guix-specific mechanisms.

@lispi314 Oh. No, I expect it will be more stable than ever. Which is to say, still buggy by WM standards, but incredibly gratifying and powerful. But it tends to shut you down hard if you haven't got it just right, and I haven't had time for that yet.

@worldsendless Ah I see. I wish you luck with that then. Share your findings on the mailing lists if anything unusual comes up.

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