"Pirate site blocking making its way into free trade agreements" torrentfreak.com/pirate-site-b

This is much more serious than "can I get a pirated copy of something". The real effects of stuff like this is control, censorship, and gatekeeping of the internet in general.

Do you have a subscription to Disney+ Internet? Oh, only Netflix Internet? Dang, I really wanted to show you this website.

This "silly" joke maybe is one of the best illustrations of where we're headed if we don't fight for network freedom. It ain't pretty.

But it's not hopeless. I believe we can build an internet for everyone. I've centered my life around that work.

@cwebber It’s proven that ISPs can’t be trusted not to track, intercept and even alter our data in transit. Time to build a mesh net, a connected superhighway that runs over the top of public infrastructure and just skips all the nonesense.


@0x6b @cwebber Something like a GNU internet?

GNUnet is something I really want to see succeed.


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