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Louis Couture a partagé 2/Is Democracy Dying Or America Disintegrating ?
"As to the history of the Revolution, my Ideas may be peculiar, perhaps Singular.
What do We mean by the Revolution? The War? That was no part of the Revolution."..

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I now understand why gargron doesn’t want federated views on the mastodon app.

Some of these instances do not moderate and could you imagine having the mastodon app associated with things like neo nazis and lolis

He is protecting mastodon by doing so.

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Thing that gay people created :
Countless discoveries (DaVinci was gay)
The chapelle sixteen

Things homophobes are doing
Actually traumatizing children

@Tropical_Paradise @hyperfuneral @deesenaughts @WanderersChoice @Eris white people literally came to every continent, decimated the populations enslaved them.

So yeah I do agree some of them are way worse but it’s not gay people

@deesenaughts @Tropical_Paradise @WanderersChoice @hyperfuneral

>> some gay people do not good stuff therefore all gay bad

>> some white people are bad therefore all white people are bad

There’s literally no difference.

Alt right is just wokism for the right

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When did you chose to be straight?

I’ve tried to be straight for years and I couldn’t accept myself but I’m still 100% 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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This isn’t what being gay is about
Gay is just an adult man who happens to love other adult men. That’s something they don’t get to choose. Some will be promiscuous, some are gonna want to settle down with someone they love. Some straight people are promiscuous as well

protection like condoms can prevent disease from happening.

@WanderersChoice @deesenaughts @Tropical_Paradise @hyperfuneral it’s okay to be gay you can just say that don’t believe the alt right propaganda.

Louis Couture a partagé

illustration CW for gore/blood 

the TTRPG kickstarter for Hull Breach is in its last week and I have some art in it!!
Here's a character called Vibchete


#mastoart #art #illustration #ttrpg #rpg

Louis Couture a partagé
Louis Couture a partagé

Mais que fait Zemmour ???

3 femmes (horreur) avec des noms pas bien français pdgères d'entreprises du CAC40 !!

Non mais où va-t-on ?

@devnull electron c’est pas vraiment le meilleur truc considérant que des alternatives meilleures existes ou sont en développement comme les mais beurk le c

Louis Couture a partagé
Louis Couture a partagé
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