Plus récents

release v3.9.8.12 is out!
It includes several fixes for community-reported bugs, and the first part of our work on refactoring WordOps code to make it more flexible.

Github :

New release available (v3.9.8.2) :
With new features including UFW setup & Nginx configuration customization

Release v3.9.8 is out !
It include new Nginx packages for Debian & Ubuntu, new cache backends with & and several improvements.

New release (v3.9.7) available :

It include several fixes and improvements : Proftpd stack secured with TLS, site url updated to https with --letsencrypt and much more

WordOps v3.9.6 release is out !

New features :

- Nginx package with Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK
- Let's Encrypt Wildcard certificates (DNS API)
- Fail2ban stack
- ProFTPd stack

New release available (v3.9.5.4).

This release include the new Nginx package with TLS v1.3 support and fixes for several issues related to letsencrypt and netdata.

first stable release is available !

- Nginx v1.16.0 with Brotli
- WordOps dashboard with
- Let's Encrypt stack with (link:
- Ubuntu 19.04 & Raspbian 9 support
- Easy Migration from v3

New stable release (v1.16.0) already available in !

Dashboard integration : done ✅
Now We just have to fix the last few issues with Let's Encrypt stack before publishing the first WordOps stable release !

Build the new dashboard : done ✅
Integration in WordOps : In progress

Based on Argon dashboard template and powered with monitoring suite.

The first part of our guide "Migration from EasyEngine" is available in documentation :

Update your server packages in a single command. Already available in

You can now visualize our progression on next releases with Github projects :…

It replace the previous Roadmap. est une instance stable, régulièrement mise à jour et accessible à tous hébergée par VirtuBox