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Thanks to for providing us a free license for their excellent plugin . We will be able to fully integrate WP-Rocket in by running all tests required.

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release v3.9.8.12 is out!
It includes several fixes for community-reported bugs, and the first part of our work on refactoring WordOps code to make it more flexible.

Github :

New release available (v3.9.8.2) :
With new features including UFW setup & Nginx configuration customization

Release v3.9.8 is out !
It include new Nginx packages for Debian & Ubuntu, new cache backends with & and several improvements.

New release (v3.9.7) available :

It include several fixes and improvements : Proftpd stack secured with TLS, site url updated to https with --letsencrypt and much more

WordOps v3.9.6 release is out !

New features :

- Nginx package with Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK
- Let's Encrypt Wildcard certificates (DNS API)
- Fail2ban stack
- ProFTPd stack

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