Let me just be more explicit: if your software cannot be used by nazis then your software is not free software.

This is not the correct place to fight hate speech. Block the instances. Report hate speech to the authorities. Settle it using the existing legal frameworks to do so, and if they are insufficient, then write to your lawmakers.

But if you support free software, it is not the place to address this issue, by definition.

@sir yeah and sticking to old stallman speech as the only values that matter for decades is a very good way to avoid actually thinking. The world evolved, but not tux-avatar techbros

@gordon @sir

then let me ask you and I ask you to give me a solid argument: why are nazis still allowed to use Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android?

@xinayder @sir is that a real question? Do you genuinely ignore the answer?

@xinayder @sir okay well.

You’re asking why capitalist megacorporations, for which gaining as much money as possible by selling their things is the **only** objective, would want to reduce their customer pool?

I mean, are you **that** naive??

And yes, I know, Linux is not a company. But its developers aren’t known to be caring about people. They don’t give a shit about who is using the tools they make. And that’s a problem, because it’s not neutral. At all.

@gordon then why hasn't the LineageOS team or any other open source OS based on Android banned nazis yet?

because they know it's impossible to detect who's a nazi and because they know there are much better ways at "banning" them from communicating with average users.

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