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"Iris's Treasure" 2019

Print: www.inprnt.com/gallery/gtccreations/iriss-treasure/


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GTA V with ESYNC enabled on Proton 4.11-1 had about 50% CPU usage. Let's see how it works with fsync.

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Proton 4.11 released! This is a MAJOR release, it deprecates Esync for Fsync and it ships with D9VK as opt-in! Absolutely neat for older games using DirectX9. Check out the changelog:

#Linux #linuxgaming #proton #d9vk

Manjaro Linux just announced a partnership with a closed source office suite, FreeOffice, that has less features than LibreOffice and requires you to pay to have ODT and DOC support.


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#privacy The Court of Justice of the European Union (#CJEU) has ruled that websites hosting #Facebook Like buttons can be held liable for transferring data to Facebook. While the third-party website cannot be held responsible for the data processing carried out by Facebook after the data has been transmitted, it absolutely can be held liable for facilitating the collection and transmission of the data.


Good point provided on the thread above. Game streaming is bad because you can't beat the DRM or modify the game. This would kill mods. And some games are very successful thanks to mods. This, along with the fact that Google kills almost 70% new services they come up with.

I really hope game streaming doesn't succeed, or else the gaming community is doomed.

Spent a few hours coding a script that converts Minecraft offline mode playerdata to online mode.

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"hey let's support monopolist practices because we are greedy"

"o wait did we forget to remove Steam from our dependencies?!?!?!"

Tim Sweeney must be mad right now.


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Seems like missing out the 'No' button is the hot new UX trend now

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If you're looking for an alternative to #PokemonGo, no need to ask @switchingsocial - I have the perfect tip for you.

It is harder, more complex, more fun, doesn't track you and you can play it on any device that has a camera: It's called #WildLifePhotography.

Or if you don't have any such device try WildLifeDrawing instead, which the former is a fork of.

I'm already a Lv 2 #Butterfly catcher. Check out my collection @paulakreuzer

Gotta document them all! #Biodiversity

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RIP Chester Bennington, 2 years without you :/

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"There is no amount of regulation, transparency, or oversight that will fix the dangers inherent in widespread face surveillance. Only a full ban — a federal ban, covering the use of facial recognition by government agencies, in public places, and in public contracts with private entities — can prevent our nightmares from becoming reality." buzzfeednews.com/article/evang
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

I just totally forgot today is the release day for The Great War by and the album is already up on Spotify, a few hours earlier than it's supposed to.

So, LukeJr (one of Core developers) is a catholic extremist.

And I thought it couldn't be any worse.



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